Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose to be Plan Managed?
  • There is NO out of pocket cost to be plan managed as the cost associated is funded by the NDIA and funded from a separate budget line item (Improved Life Choices). This means the costs will NOT come from your support budget. 
  • Freedom to use any supplier even if they aren’t registered with the NDIA. You have the power to choose the best care and services to meet your needs. 
  • Seamless processing – suppliers can send invoices directly to a plan manager in order to make sure you’re not having to administer invoices or juggle paperwork.
Why choose Specialised Plan Management?
  • We have more than 25 years’ experience in the Disability Funding Sector, aside 25 + years in the finance sector – let’s face it – this is what makes us stand out from the crowd!
  • We are experts when it comes to the NDIS Price Guide and keeping on top of any amendments / revisions that are made by the NDIA
  • We process and aim to pay supplier invoices or reimbursements within 3 business days from receipt of invoice.
  • Our online Plan Management Software allows you to keep tabs on your NDIS budget with up-to-date tracking of expenses for your NDIS budget categories.
  • You can also choose the involvement you have in authorising payments BEFORE we process your claim should you wish to approve provider invoices.
How do I request Improved Life Choices Funding in order to be able to access Plan Management?

You can ask for this to be included in your plan at an upcoming meeting OR request a review of your NDIS plan by following the steps below:

    1. Contact the NDIA to request a plan review in order to be plan managed in order to have more choice and control over the providers you want to use
    2. Once the NDIA have conducted the review and they let you know you’ve been approved
    3. Don’t forget to let Specialised Plan Management know that this is happening, and we can supply you with the forms you need to complete in order for us to assist you as Plan Managers
    4. Relax in the knowledge that we are now looking after it all – the administrative burden of managing and playing suppliers is no longer an issue for you!
I'm already with another Plan Manager: How do I transfer?
  • Give Specialised Plan Management a call and we can explain the intake process (it’s very simple)
  • Contact your current Plan Manager and advise them you would like to cancel your service agreement with them. Check their cancellation process.  
How are payments made on my behalf?
  • The providers that you are working with will provide an invoice – this can be sent directly to Specialised Plan Management via our dedicated inbox:   [email protected]
  • Upon receipt of the invoice your plan manager will process this against your NDIS budget matching the services provided against the funded categories of your plan
  • Once the NDIA have approved the claim payment is made directly to the supplier within 3 business days
What motivates us?

Specialised Plan Management want to alleviate the administrative burden of managing your NDIS budget and making your life easier! We want to know that you can spend more time concentrating on getting the very best support and services that you can from your funding. Our passion and background in the Disability & Finance Sector means that we are great at what we do and we are committed to assisting you get more choice and control over your supports!