About NDIS Plan Management

What Is Plan Management

Plan Management is the process of administrating the financial aspects of your plan, such as paying supplier invoices, creating service bookings, developing service agreements with providers, contracting and paying providers and preparing monthly statements summarising how your funds have been spent.

Specialised Plan Management will support YOU to manage your NDIS plan. IT will be like having your own personal NDIS financial planner, giving you more choice and give you the free time to do what is important to you.

Our team will ensure you have the flexibility of using your choice of services and this includes contracting services that are not NDIS registered, but a registered business with an ABN.

Allowing you to engage any business in the community and keep using providers such as Physiotherapists, independent support workers and even cleaning services that you trust.

How Is Plan Management Funded

Plan Management is funded within your plan under Improved life choices and is no cost to you. As explained by the NDIS, it will not reduce other supports & services identified as reasonable and necessary in your plan. If it is not in your plan, you can request a review OR make sure you ask for plan management at your first NDIS meeting. Talk to Specialised Plan Management before your first meeting and we can walk you through the steps of pre planning and provide you the information needed to enable the choice, control and opportunities that plan management can offer you.

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Benefits of Having Your NDIS Plan Managed

Comparison of the three choicesNDIASELFPLAN
NO cost to you
Freedom to choose any service provider
All invoices and portal claims are completed for you
Paperwork is kept, and all spending is tracked and reconciled
Issue of monthly statements showing plan balances
Can support you to resolve service queries
Support you to maximise choice and control
Support you to get the most out of your funding

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