5 Advantages of Professional Plan Management

About Plan Management

Plan Management is the process of administrating the financial aspects of your NDIS plan, such as paying invoices, creating service bookings, developing service agreements with providers, contracting and paying providers and preparing monthly statements. It is like having your own NDIS financial planner, reducing the time and stress of managing your plan finances.

5 Advantages of Professional Plan Management

1. No Cost to You

Plan Management is funded within your plan under Improved life choices and is no cost to you. As explained by the NDIS, it will not reduce other supports & services identified as reasonable and necessary in your plan. If it is not in your plan, you can request a review OR make sure you ask for plan management at your first NDIS meeting.

2. Expertise

Plan Managers are experts in supporting you manage your NDIS plan, and you will benefit from their knowledge and expertise. They have the required skills to navigate the NDIS system and are professional plan managers and accountants.

3. Greater Choice and Control

Plan Management ensures you have the flexibility of using your choice of services and this includes contracting services that are not NDIS registered, but a registered business with an ABN. Having the flexibility of working with both registered and unregistered providers expands your options in choosing service and support providers. You can engage any business in the community and keep using providers such as Physiotherapists, independent support workers and even cleaning services that you trust.

4. Better Budget Tracking

Your Plan Manager is required to provide you with regular budget updates, to ensure you are informed and in control of your plan and spend. Some Plan Managers even offer online portals and real time access to check your budget and spending in real time. You can also track where and when your funding has been distributed.

5. Better Value from the NDIS

Navigating the NDIS can be a stressful and confusing process. Plan Managers have the expert knowledge and experience to help you manage and get the most from your NDIS plan. They can deal with the system, the regulations and payments so you can concentrate on making the most of your plan.

Want To Know More and Plan Management?

Specialised Plan Management are experts in the NDIS and can help you unlock the benefits of your NDIS plan and take the hassle out of NDIS budget management. Contact the Specialised Plan Management team today to find our more about our Plan Management services.